Join our mission to financially assist individuals and families connected to the Autism Spectrum Disorder and ASD- related issues as well as for ASD-related programming. Make a donation today!  

Donate by Check / Money Order

Please send anything you think is appropriate in personal check or money order to:

Monroe County Autism Foundation

PO Box 6123

Bloomington IN 47407-6123

Should you have questions or require additional information, please contact us.

Donate Using Credit/Debit Card

 Any donation made by credit card is secure and will be dispursed directly to the Monroe County Autism Foundation. 



 Join the Monroe County Autism Foundation as a volunteer and get the  opportunity to impact your community in way that will make you feel  great.  Our volunteers helps with event arrangements, meetings, fundraising, web and marketing work, organizing other volunteer opportunities, and community outreach.  Whether you're looking to grow your network, your resume, or you heart, the time you spend with our families will leave a positive mark in your life.